Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepless in CITY

One phrase I have heard about Mumbai is that it never SLEEPS. I think the problem is that it never sleeps coz it CANNOT sleep.
The people living here are all running a mad race to reach somewhere. Somewhere, even they dont know. Everyone is running around the whole day and as if that was not enough people are running around the night too. Technology has played a very major role in spoiling everybody's sleep. Mobile phones keep beeping through the night and invariably ppl are habituated to keep it near their pillows on their beds. Excuses for this are many, wake up alarms, emergency calls, emergency sms, emergency emails etc. But all this leads to ruining our much important SLEEP.

On a regular basis, our dailies keep on pushing down upon us the importance of full night's sleep, its pros and cons, Health issues due to lack of sleep etc. but it all falls flat. Few reasons which I can think of immediately are as follows:
1. Plethora of call centres, BPOs, KPOs etc. which have their working hours in the graveyard (apt name!)shift. This has led to a whole generation who have their body clocks turn upside down
2. Late working hours which means later party and unwinding hours. This explains the beeline at eateries which are open till wee hours in the morning
3. TV viewing as a family ritual in few houses thanks to Ekta Kapoor and her cronies who churn out the Krap dramas
4. Internet, social networking, chatrooms etc. etc. The willingness to stay intouch with ppl who u have never met in last 20 yrs but not paying heed to ur family time who is with u each day

The reasons are many but result is solous NO SLEEP.
This blog is written primarily as an emotional vomit which i had to go thru as in yday's papers i read the ill effects of sleep deprivation which can be as serious as diabetes for life but I had to go the same night for the latest HOLLYWOOD release(which was over rated!!) and since it was a working day we had to go for the 11.15 pm show(our answer to GRAVEYARD shift, he he).

How much ever you try you end up sleeping late and getting up early with disturbed, imcomplete sleep which makes you wary and pushing yourself thru the day.

So ppl try to get your full quota of sleep lead a healthy life(too much from an insomniac himself !!) even Im trying to do that.

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